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Cajun and Zydeco dance enthusiasts who want to keep the music of Louisiana alive and thriving in Atlanta have joyfully formed the Atlanta Cajun Zydeco Association. Everybody loves a party! And what better way to “Let the Good Times Roll” than with a Cajun two-step or a Zydeco syncopated slide? If you play well with others and are looking for the chance to get your groove on, this is the place for you. Welcome. Links to recent stories describing the fun are below.

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Upcoming Events

Picture of BandSATURDAY - September 13  –

ACZA - Curley Taylor and Zydeco Trouble

Knights of Columbus Post 660

2620 Buford Highway, Atlanta, GA 30324 (KOC Map )

Special Class:
Intermediate lesson from 4:00-6:00 PM with Cheri Mullenix and Anthony Lewis ( $15 ACZA members/$20 non-ACZA members) For more information and to register, call Cheri at 770-975-0823 or email Anthony at anthony@lostintherhythm.com. Also click on Classes to the left.

Beginner's lesson from 7:00-8:00 PM with Don Baggett and Amanda Robinson (Free with Dance).

Dance from 8-11 PM;

$18 / $5 students / $14 ACZA members

We are always happy to welcome Curley Taylor & Zydeco Trouble back to Atlanta! Hailing from Sunset, Louisiana, Curley is the son of Zydeco legend Jude Taylor. He played drums in his father's band, for Steve Riley, and for Geno Delafose's French Rockin' Boogie before striking out on his own as a bandleader, earning praise for his energetic yet soulful sound. Curley and his band bring lots of Louisiana music to the stage, flavored with the blues, soul, and of course, Zydeco. The vocals and unique Motown styling of the band make for a truly memorable evening of dancing. For more information about this band, visit Curley Taylor and Zydeco Trouble . Authentic Cajun food for sale from Fusions Catering From 6 to 9 & Cash Bar.

ACZA Suggestions for overflow parking

      Future dances with Louisiana Bands at Knights of Columbus

SATURDAY, October  4 - ACZA - Jeffery Broussard & the Creole Cowboys
SATURDAY, October  25 - ACZA - T Broussard & the Zydeco Steppers
SATURDAY, November  22 - ACZA - Hair of the Dog
SATURDAY, December  6 - ACZA - T'Canille
SATURDAY, January  10 - ACZA - Zydeco TBA
SATURDAY, February  7 - ACZA - Dennis Stroughmatt & Creole Stomp
SATURDAY, March  7 - ACZA - Zydeco TBA
SATURDAY, March  28 - ACZA - Roux du Bayou

      For ACZA Out of Town Guests

ACZA rate at the Microtel, where our bands stay.

It's about a mile from the KoC. Rates are $52.99 single, $62.99 double, and $72.99 suite.

Contact Microtel Inn & Suites, 1840 Corporate Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30329, 404-325-4446, and ask for the ACZA rate.

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Beau Jocque is my favorite Zydeco Player. Ever since I became involved in Zydeco I have wanted to see a Robert Mugge movie entitled Kingdom of Zydeco starring Beau Jocque and Boozo Chavis. It is on the web for a limited time. It also has Richard of Richard's club, El Sido of El Sido, Nathan Williams, John Delafose, as well as personal interviews. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It is out of print. If interested, please visit Kingdom of Zydeco.

I came across this video that promotes Jeffrey Broussard, but also involves Buckwheat Zydeco, Steve Riley, Terrence Simeon. It is a good introduction for those who know no zydeco. If interested, please visit Jeffrey Broussard.

Ann Savoy is an extraordinary Cajun musician who has played with the Savoy Doucet Cajun Band, Magnolia Sisters and Savoy Family Band. She is the author of Cajun Music, A Reflection of a People, which chronicles the history of Cajun and Zydeco music. As part of the ACZA mission in promoting and educating the public about the dance, music, and culture of the Cajun and Creole peoples of Louisiana, the ACZA invites you to watch this fascinating video: The Hidden World of Ann Savoy .

More ACZA Links !!!

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ACZA, Inc is a volunteer-run 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit corporation in Georgia dedicated to promoting and educating the public about the dance, music, and culture of the Cajun and Creole peoples of Louisiana. For more information, please e-mail us at info@aczadance.org.