The mighty squeeze box

The mighty squeeze box

The fabulous line dance

The fabulous line dance

Bet you can't sit still!

Bet you can't sit still!

Come and dance the night away!

Come and dance the night away!

Are these folks having fun?

Are these folks having fun?

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(Plus a special East Coast Swing Dance workshop with, Hall of Fame instructor, Bill Robinson)

Feufollet is Americana at its finest— reverential but wholly nonconformists. The young and vibrant Southwest Louisiana band takes Cajun, honky-tonk, and string-band music as their starting point, and keeps an open mind about where their song craft will lead them. On Two Universes, their first studio album in over five years, Feufollet proves their Cajun roots don’t define them as much as propel them forward; whispers of the swamp and its time-honored waltzes trigger a modern and broad musical imagination, one that finds equal expression in blues, old-time, country ballads, rock’n’roll, whatever, all for the sake of the song.

Cajun, country, and rock’n’roll all began as homespun enterprises, by musicians tinkering with inherited melodies until new sounds were struck. Feufollet keeps that experimental spirit alive and well with their diverse musical palette, edgy arrangements, and pop-song sensibilities.

About Bill Robinson:   As Division 1 competitors, Bill and his partner Linda received 18 Grand Championships and had a two year run as undefeated East Coast Swing Champions.  Bill was inducted into the Country Dance Hall of Fame in 1999.  He has moved on from competition and is now nationally recognized as one of the country’s best dance instructors.  He is also the founder of Atlanta’s Country Western Social Club and event director for the Peach State Dance Festival.  His ability to relate to students along with his warm sense of humor make his lessons a joy for all involved.  We are delighted to have him join us for our April dance and concert.  You'll have a wonderful time trying out your East Coast Swing moves to Feufollet!


Saturday April 1, 2017 

Dorothy Benson Center
6500 Vernon Woods Dr NE
Atlanta, GA 30328

6 - 7 pm Special East Coast Swing Lesson with Bill Robinson (free)
7 - 8 pm Free Beginner Dance Lesson
8 - 11 pm Dance

$14 ACZA members
$14 Active Duty Military
$18 Non-members
$ 5 Students

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We are dedicated to promoting and educating the public about the dance, music, and culture of the Cajun and Creole people of Louisiana.

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Dorothy Benson Center
6500 Vernon Woods Dr
Sandy Springs GA 30328

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